Kaiser Permanente gives $2.5 million to Community Fund

(KPCG) Kaiser Permanente Community Fund has awarded $2.5 million dollars to improve health in 20 different health organizations in Oregon and Washington. This grant  helps treat problems  in the community health that would normally go untreated which could lead to more serious health problems in the future.

Kaiser Permanente gives $2.5 million to Community Fund

according to the Lund Report

Within  the  context  of  health  care  reform  and  improved  health,  the  fund  currently  focuses  on  three  specific  social  determinants  of  health:  healthy  beginnings  and  early  childhood  development,  educational  attainment  and  economic  opportunity.  These  focus  areas  were  selected  for  their  ability  to  build  on  community  momentum  and  their  potential  for  long-­‐term  impact.

“For  too  many  of  us,  conditions  where  we’re  born,  learn  and  live  limit  our  choices  and  our  opportunity  to  be  healthy,”  said  Nichole  Maher,  president  of  Northwest  Health  Foundation.  “The  Kaiser  Permanente  Community  Fund  supports  organizations  that  are  tackling  these  conditions  in  innovative  ways  that  are  driven  by  the  very  communities  they  seek  to  impact.  We’re  honored  to  support  exactly  this  kind  of  work.”

“Healthy  people  and  communities  depend  on  more  than  the  care  they  get  through  medical  offices  and  hospitals—good  health  starts  where  we  live,  work  and  play,”  added  Sue  Hennessy,  Vice  President,  Strategic  Planning  &  Health  Plan  Services  at  Kaiser  Permanente  Northwest.  “Prevention  and  early  intervention  work.  Investing  in  communities  is  essential  to  improving  the  health  of  our  population  today  and  making  health  care  more  affordable  in  the  long  run.”

This fund supported by Kaiser Permanente is a fantastic grant that aids in the prevention of more serious health complications for people that would not otherwise have the ability to take care of a health issue because of financial inability. Each individual that takes advantage of this program with undoubtedly have the chance to seek a better, healthier lifestyle that will enhance not only their own life, but the health of the community in general. Keep up the good work KPCG.

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