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Kaiser Permanete research shows being active lowers heart disease risk

This week, Kaiser Permanete research shows being active lowers heart disease risk. If you are less active during the day, you are alomost 2 1/2 more times likely to develop heart problems compared to those who were far more active.

Kaiser Permanete research shows being active lowers heart disease risk

This week, Kaiser Permanente researchers reported men who were sedentary or had low levels of physical activity for longer periods of time had 2.2 times the risk of developing heart failure compared with those who were more active.

The verdict: We should be moving more and sitting less, said Dr. Deborah Rohm Young, lead author of the study, which appeared Tuesday in the journal “Circulation: Heart Failure.”

And those findings demonstrate why Kathleen Hale said she helped start Rebel Desk, her District-based company that specializes in treadmill desks, last fall.

“The research about the negative health impacts of sitting is so prevalent and people are realizing we need an alternative,” said Hale, CEO of the startup, based out of D.C. accelerator 1776.

The company sells an adjustable-height desk with a treadmill which runs below it, Hale said. It also sells a chair — that’s right, a chair — in case customers also want the seated option for their desk.

“We’re big advocates of mixing it up — yes, sometimes even sitting,” Hale said. ( read more here)

With heart disease on the rise throughout the years, and expected to climb even higher, we should all be more weary of getting in any extra steps during the day if you perform in a sedentary job. The advantages of doing so are definitely worth the effort.

One in five Americans is expected to be diagnosed with heart failure in his or her lifetime, according to the study. Medical costs from heart failure are projected to increase from $20.9 billion in 2010 to $53.1 billion by 2030, the study said.

Bottom line: Short breaks are good, said Young, a researcher at Kaiser Permanente Southern California Department of Research & Evaluation. “When you can stand instead of sit, stand,” she said. “When you can walk instead of stand, walk.”

Take the research by Kaiser Permanente serious about becoming more active to lower your risk for heart disease. One extra step away from the desk to keep the blood flowing will be rewarded with lower risks for health problems, guaranteed!


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